Future Car

In every country, most of people using car as their transportation. From the beginning of a car was built, a lot changed until now, from the evolution of the design model, and then adding some new feature for the car. Some of developer also develop a brand new car with faster speed than any car can do.

And now, there will be a new concept for a car. This new car will be a car which put their focus on building interface that occurs between human and computer. The company that makes it is Mistsubishi Electric. They making a car that have a way easier to ride a car more fun.

Here is some video.

Mitsubishi Electric have developed a car interface which they believe will be realized within a decade from now. The EMIRAI concept features a newly developed curved, rear-projection display as the dashboard, a tactile interface with buttons that pop up when needed, and a safety system that uses biometrics.

One of the more striking features of the EMIRAI interface is the shape-changing buttons on the steering wheel. Among the 18 buttons, only those that can be interacted with are raised, while the rest are retracted. So the interface can be used intuitively, without looking. The display can also be scrolled by sliding your fingers over the buttons.

In addition, as the interface is proposed for use in a future EV, you can select an imitation engine noise to let people nearby know you’re approaching. There’s also a handwriting text entry interface for use with the navigation system, optimized for the one-handed input of Japanese characters. The rear seats feature newly developed curved glasses-free 3D touchscreen displays.

So, it would be great if we got this car in the future, and everythings will be easy.




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